Bedroom Decor

A lot of time is spent in bedrooms and decorating should reflect that and be well thought out. A bedroom is a place to feel safe, comfortable and cocooned as we sleep. Bedrooms should be an expression of who we are. The goal of every bedroom is to have linens that are beautiful, easy to take care of, and mattresses that are comfortable to sleep on. If the room is dressed right, you will feel good while you’re in it.

When choosing sheets for your bed you will want to keep in mind thread counts. The higher the thread count the more luxurious and smoother feel the sheet will have. High thread count sheets are also more durable than sheets with low thread counts. High quality linen sheets can last up to twenty ears. A 450 thread count Egyptian cotton is a good choice. Linen sheets will soften with use. Have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start making buying decisions. You are dressing your bedrooms in fashion just as you would your body. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

Putting the right comforter on your bed can make the whole bedroom look fabulous. Comforters are the most visible of all the bedding pieces, so when you change the comforter you make a large change in the decor of the bedroom itself. When considering a comforter look at the TPI or threads per inch. This figure will often give you a good idea of the quality level that has been put into the comforter. Generally speaking, thread counts above 250 produce a soft and comfortable feel and fabric that will last a long time. Try to avoid thread counts below 200.

In regard to down comforters, the most expensive will have pure white down in them while a mixture of down and feathers will do the job nicely and is not as expensive. Just avoid so-called down comforters that have a really low ratio of down to feathers. The higher the down ratio in the comforter the more important that the cover be what is called “down proof” because down is so small and can actually work its way through a normal cover. Usually this designation is listed on the comforter package or Website description. Be sure that a down comforter is stitched so that the insulation material cannot move about very freely or shift.

If you feel bedroom-designing challenged, then bed in a bag sets may just be perfect for you! Everything you need comes in one complete set, and is designed to match or coordinate perfectly. They usually include a comforter, flat and fitted sheets, a bed skirt, and two pillowcases. You’ll love having fun selecting the different bedroom looks you can create from bedding in a bag sets. Some of the better bedroom sets will also offer optional matching drapes, area rugs, accent tables, lamps and other accessories.

Any interior space can be greatly enhanced using accessories. Decorative curtains are a very good means to decorate the windows and other openings. These curtains have 2 purposes. They define a window opening and they diffuse the incoming sunlight and help the dispersion of light evenly.