Kitchen Appliances

When you add up all the money that you can spend on home appliances it becomes obvious that you need to spend wisely and carefully to keep costs under control. These items tend to be some of the larger ticket purchases around the home and lots of money can be wasted if buying isn’t done properly.

One of the most important suggestions for buying appliances is to decide before you begin shopping exactly how much money you wish to spend. Surprisingly, this is often not done. Unfortunately, the heart often takes over when looking over the latest high-tech gadgets and features on kitchen appliances and often consumers pay more than is needed. So take some time to decide exactly what your spending limit is before you even begin to shop and then stick to your guns on that decision all the way through the buying process.

Research your buy before you start looking at actual products. These days there are many consumer publications that help you make a wise choice on a broad range of consumer items, including home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, ranges, and microwave ovens. They extensively test the major brands and give their unbiased opinions on a wide variety of features and other issues. You can find most of these publications available for free at your local library. This kind of research will also help you decide in advance exactly which features are most important to you and which should be avoided as unnecessary expenses. Always opt for better quality over more features too. The same is true for small appliances including coffee makers, espresso machines, toasters, food processors, blenders and juicers, and indoor grills and griddles.

Don’t just assume that buying locally is the smartest move either. In most instances the same item can be found online at a much lower price and includes free shipping. Sometimes, you can avoid sales tax on an online purchase. Be careful though and determine how much installation is needed for any item you make and factor installation costs in with any purchase that doesn’t include those costs in the purchase price. In many cases, installation is easier than you may think and there are plenty of online resources that show every step in installation.

It may seeem like a simple thing, but be sure to measure carefully to determine that the item you want to buy will fit in the space you have in your home. Surprisingly, this is something that is often overlooked until the delivery. Just get the measuring tape out in advance and know the space required to save this headache from happening to you.

Large kitchen appliance brands that include the most reliable models in alphabetical order are Frigidaire, General Electric, Jenn-Air (made by Whirlpool), Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Thermador and Whirlpool.

Finally, consider the warranty on the items you want to buy. Be sure to ask questions in advance so that you know what the warranty will cover and how long it will last. Also, will you have to send the appliance out to be repaired under warranty or is home repair covered under the warranty contract?

If you follow these simple guidelines, buying home appliances both large and small will be a breeze and you will make smart purchases that will last and give you good service for many years.